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February 14, 28
March 13, 27
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Emily's Faith In Focus Column: Torah Shows Hardships of Families
Emily's column in the Sentinel discusses some of the less glorious attributes of the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs in their family life, and how their flaws make them relatable to us today.
Beth Tikvah Child Naming Ceremony!
  April 26, Asbell Center
We plan to do a group "naming ceremony" for any families who have children that they wish to give Hebrew names.  Many families were not able to do this as a birth celebration, so we thought we could do a group ceremony for those interested. Steve Tompkins and Emily Burt-Hedrick have done a few naming ceremonies, so we will lead it.  If you are interested in having a child be given a Hebrew name, please notify Jill Bruce no later than March 31.
We will need to know the child's "secular"/legal name, and the proposed Hebrew name.
We will plan to create a Naming certificate for each child who is named in this ceremony.  Emily notes that the proposed name needs to be Hebrew, like Biblical Hebrew or Modern Hebrew, and not Yiddish, because she cannot write or read Yiddish. If families have any questions about proposed names, Emily will be glad to discuss them.  Questions can be sent to her via email at .
We will provide additional information on the ceremony as we continue planning, so families will know what to bring and what to expect.
The Naming Ceremony will be part of the Beth Tikvah Annual Meeting and last day of Sunday school for the year.

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