Congregation Beth Tikvah 

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May, 2019 




Friday Night Shabbat Services7:15pmAsbell Center: 

May 10*, 31
*Our Sunday School students will lead the May 10 Shabbat Services!

Sunday School, 11am-1pm, Asbell Center
May 5   (last day of Sunday School)

Beth Tikvah Annual Meeting and Bagel Brunch will be Sunday, May 5 at Asbell Center, 11am-1pm

The Annual Meeting will be followed by a student presentation and the usual good food and fellowship!  We hope to see you there!

Purim Play by Sunday School Students
During the March 31 Sunday School session, the students presented an original Purim Play.  Those who attended were treated to a lively and original retelling of the story of Esther with plenty of grogger noise, as well as hamentaschen and other treats afterwards.


Sunday School Crossover with Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center
Jill Bruce writes..."We had a wonderful Sunday School lesson with children from the Bosnian Islamic Cultural Center of Carlisle. We shared similarities and differences within our religions and cultures. We did a show and tell with religious items worn or used within the Jewish and Muslim faiths. We also did a taste test of foods typically eaten during special holidays and within each culture. It was a wonderful experience and one the students, teachers and parents will never forget! "

Wow!   Sounds amazing, and the photos are wonderful, too.


Sunday School Students do a Mock Seder

The Sunday School Students enjoyed putting on their own Seder!  

Beth Tikvah's Summer Reading Series is Back!!

Organized by DeAnna Spurlock, and with various Congregation members leading the discussions, the Summer Reading Series proved to be fun, well-attended events the past two summers.   

DeAnna writes:

Our third annual CTB Summer Reading Series is now set.  Once again, we’ll be able to enjoy delicious vegetarian potluck Shabbat dinners and lively, stimulating book discussions at the Asbell Center during the lazy days of summer. Dinners will start at 6 p.m., followed by discussion.  Here is the schedule:

June 14  (Michael Meketon, discussion leader; Sara Markowitz will do Shabbat candle lighting.)  

The Autobiography of God: A Novel by Julius Lester (2005-12-27)


Sara Markowitz will do a Shabbat 

July 12 (Carol Sharp, leader)

The Sisters of the Winter Wood: Rena Rossner: 9780316483254 ...


August  9 (Jill Bruce, leader)

The Tattooist of Auschwitz: A Novel (9780062860941 Heather Morris


DeAnna adds:   

These books are available through Amazon, Ebay, local libraries and bookstores as well as local college and university libraries. 

Special thanks to Ariel Franchak, Michael Meketon, and Ethel Carryer for recommending the above three books which are well worth the read and thank you to Carol Sharp, Michael Meketon, and Jill Bruce as well for agreeing to serve as discussion leaders this summer!

Please join us and bring friends and family as well to these informal, always interesting, and welcoming events. We look forward to seeing you in June.

Welcome Back to the Ackermans!
Bob & Jan Ackerman bought a house in Carlisle and are moving in early May!   
Emily's "Faith In Focus" Column in the Sentinel
Emily's article is about Passover and the Seder.   If there was an orange on the Seder plate at your Seder this year, Emily explains its meaning.

Headstone Unveiling for Peter Hedrick, May 12
At noon on Sunday, May 12, there will be an unveiling of Peter Hedrick's headstone at Beth Tikvah's cemetery.  

Another Sad Note
On April 21, 2019, Rachel Kuhr’s life partner of 20 years, Daniel Joseph Gerstner, died suddenly at home.  A celebration of life service will occur sometime this summer.

The Year In Review


June 1, 2018—May 4, 2019

(As compiled by Steve Tompkins)


At the June 3, 2018, annual congregational meeting at the Carryer’s home, the congregation reelected Emily Burt-Hedrick, Howard Warshaw, and Debra Hargrove to the board for 2 year terms beginning

July 1, 2018. 


The board, at a brief meeting following the annual meeting reelected Emily Burt-Hedrick as President, Ariel Franchak as Vice President and Secretary, and Ethel Carryer as Treasurer for 1 year terms beginning July 1, 2018.  The board also appointed Carol Sharp to join Ethel and Haddon Carryer and Steve Tompkins on the cemetery committee.  The board appointed Jill Bruce to head the Sunday school committee.  The board created a Tzadakah committee headed by John Bloom and Amy Farrell.  The purpose of the latter would be for the committee to choose local charities about 6 times a year to which the congregation will donate $100 each for a total of about $600 per year.   That committee will make the decision and report it to the board and the treasurer.


Following the annual meeting, the board met again October 22, 2018; December 17, 2018; and March 18, 2019.


On June 29, 2018, CBT met for the first of its 3 summer book discussions and pot luck suppers arranged by Deanna Spurlock.

               The first book was Refugee by Alan Gratz with Ariel leading the discussion for 14 of us.

On July 27, 2018, we met for the 2nd book discussion:  Waking Lions by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen led by

               Hagar Levine and Daniela Tomer with 9 in attendance.

On August 24, 2018, we met for the 3rd book discussion:  Rescue:  Refugees and the Political Crises of Our

               Time by David Milibard led by Beth Greenberg and Sahija Becir with 8 in attendance.


In June and July of 2018, Steve Tompkins spent about 52 hours repainting the cemetery fence of 300+ feet in length, with the final work consisting of applying gold leaf paint to the 310 decorative acorns.


Emily Burt-Hedrick once again wrote numerous articles for The Sentinel’s Faith in Focus column.

               July 12, 2018:  Mourning Those Who Are Gone

               August 23, 2018:  Getting Ready for High Holydays

               November 15, 2018:  Taking a Day of Rest

               December 27, 2018:  Sacred Texts

               January 24, 2019:  Celebrating Trees and Change of Seasons

               March 14, 2019:  the Holiday of Purim

               April 18, 2019:  Celebrating Passover


On September 9-11, 2018, we held Rosh Hashanah services.  On Erev RH we had 35 in attendance.  The first morning there were 22.  The 2nd night there were 7, and the 2ndmorning there were 15 (including some Hillel students).  There were 3 for Tashlich.

For Yom Kippur services September 18-19, 2019, there were 54 for Kol Nidre, 37 for YK morning, 10 for the afternoon yoga and meditation service, and 16 for Neilah (including 1 Hillel student).


On September 15, 2018, Michal Greenberg’s father Paul Greenberg died.


On September 25, 2018, Peter Hedrick died and was buried in the congregation cemetery September 28.


On October 28, 2018, many CBT members attended the 5 P.M. candle light vigil and service arranged by the Asbell Center and Hillel at the steps of Old West in light of the mass shootings resulting in deaths and injuries the morning before at Shabbos services at Tree of life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh.


On November 14, 2018, the Carlisle Area Religious Council held its annual Community Thanksgiving service, held this year with a dinner at Second Presbyterian Church in Carlisle.  Steve Tompkins represented CBT, sounding the Shofar and reading Psalm 100 in Hebrew.  There were about 260 in attendance.  The service had wide coverage by ABC WHTM TV (Channel 27) and The Sentinel, with Steve being one of 3 people interviewed by WHTM for airing on its 11 P.M. news and on its website.


On November 16, 2018, Sara Markowitz led Friday night services followed by a pot luck dinner at the home of John Bloom and Amy Farrell in honor of Sara’s birthday.


On December 2, 2018, Former CBT member Miriam Kessler died in Arlington, Va.


On December 7, 2018, at Hillel’s invitation, CBT attended a Chanukah Shabbos service and dinner.  About 10 CBT members attended.


On December 14, 2018, Saint Patrick Church representatives attended Shabbos eve services and presented our congregation with the annual Advent Rose.  There were about 25 in attendance from both congregations for the service and the oneg and discussion that followed.


On January 20, 2019, Steve Tompkins represented the congregation at the annual Carlisle Community Martin Luther King, Jr. service, reading Psalm 133.  Samantha Bruce of the congregation won the award for best MLK project from Bellaire Elementary School for her essay on her friendship with her best friend who is Muslim.


On February 25, 2019, Amy Farrell’s mother Lois Ann Farrell died in Carlisle.


On March 31, 2109, the CBT Sunday school students produced, wrote, directed, and acted in a Purim play that many in the congregation attended.


On April 14, 2019, The CBT Sunday School students hosted 5-6 children and one of their mothers, Sahija Becir, from the Carlisle Bosnian Mosque to discuss their respective traditions.


On April 21, 2019, Rachel Kuhr’s life partner of 20 years, Daniel Joseph Gerstner, died suddenly at home.  A celebration of life service will occur sometime this summer.


On the evening of April 30, 2019, Steve Tompkins and the Carlisle Area Religious Council’s Robin Orner organized and conducted the annual Holocaust Remembrance service for the Carlisle area.  The guest speaker was Harrisburg resident and attorney S. Teri Berman who told the fascinating story of her mother and maternal grandfather in Paris during the German occupation.  Teri’s grandfather was in a transit camp in Paris but escaped before the Germans could send him to a concentration camp.  Teri’s mother was living in Paris in 1942 when she got word the Germans were sweeping through her neighborhood rounding up Jews.  She and the family managed to escape with the help of her best friend’s family and spent the remainder of the war hiding in plain sight in a small village outside Paris where The Resistance recruited her.  She met her husband (a US Army soldier from Middletown, Pa.) after the war on the steps of a Paris synagogue on Rosh Hashanah.  The Congregation and the Religious Council held the service at Carlisle’s First Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Also participating in the service were 1st Lutheran Pastor Lisa Leber, 2nd Presbyterian Pastor Jeff Gibelius, Mechanicsburg B&H Islamic Center and Mosque Iman Dzemal Crnik, Asbell Center Director and Rabbi Ilyse Kramer, and CBT President Emily Burt-Hedrick.  Lori Elliott, flutist for the West Shore Symphony Orchestra, provided musical interludes.  About 72 attended the service.


Send newsletter items to Howard Warshaw in the newsletter's Carlisle Bureau at .  Thanks to Ethel, Steve, Emily, DeAnna, and Jill for contributions to this Edition.


Send newsletter items to Howard Warshaw in the newsletter's Carlisle Bureau at .  Thanks to Ethel, Steve, Emily, DeAnna, and Jill for contributions to this Edition.